Divorce Procedures in Indonesia

Divorce in Indonesia can only be carried-out under the following procedures:

1. Divorce in Indonesia can only be performed within the process of marital dissolution in the court of law. This applicable to both Moslem or Non-Moslem married couples.

2. Divorce must meet legal grounds as set out by the Marriage Law. One of the most commonly used is irreconsilable differences. The marriage requires you to share common visions. It’s not a one man show. It takes two to tango.

3. The court responsible to examine a divorce case is the court having jurisdiction of the Respondent’s domicile. Certain conditions can also applicable otherwise, among others, a Moslem husband submit his divorce petition at the court where is wife is actually residing. You need to be very careful with court’s jurisdiction. Otherwise, your divorce might be rejected and you ended-up in taking another route. It’ll waste your time and money.

Our thanks to Asep Wijaya, Managing Director of Wijaya & Co.

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